Call For Me

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Call For Me

Moonshell Bay book one: sweet beach romance!

When rookie Linn Nichols and narcotics investigator Kellan Black go undercover to track down a cocaine kingpin, will the attraction between them jeopardize the case?

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About the Book

They call it the hot number for a reason …

Rookie Linn Nichols has only been on the job at Washington State’s Covert Law Enforcement Unit for a month, but already she’s wondering if she can survive working for the elite undercover group. She’s paid her dues to get here, and they want her to … seduce a drug kingpin’s number and location out of him over the phone?

Team leader Kellan Black is astounded at the change in buttoned-down, tight-lipped Investigator Nichols when she allows herself to play her part. When the investigation moves to an exclusive neighborhood in seaside Moonshell Bay, they find themselves on the job together twenty-four seven.

But it’s hard for a cop to focus on the job every minute … especially with the siren call of the ocean … and the longing in Linn’s beautiful eyes …

“With exciting scenes, an interesting setting, and romance, Call For Me is a great, nonstop read.” RT Book Reviews

Series: Moonshell Bay, Book 1
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Moonshell Books, Inc.
Publication Year: June 12, 2016
ISBN: 9781939087515
eBook Price: 3.99
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