Caught You Listening

Caught You Listening
$9.99eBook: $2.99
Series: Moonshell Bay, Book 6
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Moonshell Books, Inc.

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When costume designer Sonnet Mackenzie seeks refuge on Gabriela Island, the last thing she expects is to have her peace invaded by workaholic CEO Hunter Patricks, who has rented the same cabin! Hunter only wants to escape his past, but is he willing to let a woman who dresses people for a living strip his emotions bare … or will he listen to his heart?

About the Book

Costume designer Sonnet Mackenzie is out of options. Evicted, broke, and nearly ready to give up her dream, she goes to the one haven she can count on: her grandparents’ cabin on Gabriela Island. There she can work, create, and find her center again before tackling the next step in her sometimes chaotic life. Besides, the island is full of old friends and new inspiration. Who knows what lies over the horizon?

Workaholic CEO Hunter Patricks is going on vacation on doctor’s orders. But Gabriela Island is the last place he would have picked—unfortunately, he made the mistake of leaving his destination up to his uber-efficient secretary. For Hunter, the island holds secrets and lies that resulted in his being shunted off to the foster system at the age of twelve. Now he has to face his past—if it weren’t for one thing. The blond Amazon holed up in his rental who won’t listen to a thing he says!

By the time they’re done fighting about who will stay and who will go, maybe the tides of Moonshell Bay will have a chance to work their magic … and heal two lost souls who may just be waiting for the right words …

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