“The Knack of Flying” in Shapers of Worlds

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“The Knack of Flying” in Shapers of Worlds

A short story set in the Magnificent Devices world

Daring inventors of personal flying machines come to steampunk London from all over the country to race for a fortune in bets. As long as they don’t get caught…

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About the Book

To outsiders, Lewis Protheroe is private secretary to Lady Claire and Dr. Malvern, the most famous inventors in steampunk London. But to insiders, Lewis is a financial wizard and the owner of the Gaius Club, where the hottest bets this month are on the races at the Kennington Oval. Lewis and Snouts can’t resist the chance to go. The races are illegal, of course. But there is enough money in the purse to attract daring inventors of personal flying machines from all over the country. As long as they don’t get caught…

Lady Philomena Noakes has been driven to the Oval by pride and despair. Women are not allowed to compete, of course, but women aren’t allowed to do very much in a Blood family, except be married off to the highest bidder. If she can just fool everyone long enough to show what she can do with her dilapidated flying machine, winning the purse could change everything…

Series: Magnificent Devices, Book 23
Genre: Steampunk
Publisher: Shadowpaw Press
Publication Year: September 22, 2020
eBook Price: $6.95
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