The Whinburg Township Amish: Books 4-6

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The Whinburg Township Amish: Books 4-6

This is an e-book collection of nearly 250,000 words--hours of reading pleasure!

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About the Book

Sarah Yoder, a young Amish widow in Pennsylvania’s Whinburg Township, is doing her best to provide a home for her young family. But it’s difficult to pay the bills—until the local Dokterfraa, or herbal healer, makes a startling suggestion: Could she be a healer?

While a young Dokterfraa learns to heal the body, the Great Physician heals the heart …

In Herb of Grace, as Sarah learns to compile her cures, she waits for God to do his healing work. In a man who rues a harsh decision. In a lonely prodigal who has lost everything. And maybe even in a herbalist-in-training who firmly believes she will never love again …

In Keys of Heaven, Sarah is learning to use the herbs in her garden and fields. But her relatives can’t resist doing some matchmaking between her and a prosperous visitor to their community, which means she shouldn’t allow her friendship with her neighbor, Henry Byler, to grow into anything more. The plant Sarah calls keys of heaven may grow in impossible places, but it’s not easy to find the place where she belongs. So it’s quite a temptation to take matters into her own hands …

In Balm of Gilead, with Henry Byler now engaged to an Englisch woman, Sarah is doing her best to find peace. But when Henry comes to her for a cure before his success as a potter is jeopardized, Sarah must stifle the longing in her heart. She must also be painfully honest about his new plan to be filmed for the reality show Shunning Amish. Only the Great Physician has the power to change an impossible situation and bring people back to Himself. But Sarah has to wonder whether it might already be too late …

“Adina Senft’s latest novel provides a wonderfully entertaining read while imparting wisdom that will feed the soul.” —Christian Fiction Addiction

Series: Adina Senft's Amish Fiction & YA, The Whinburg Township Amish, Book 12
Publisher: Moonshell Books, Inc.
Publication Year: January 25, 2023
eBook Price: 9.99
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