“The Air Affair”

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“The Air Affair”

In Crime Wave 2: Women of a Certain Age

In Crime Wave 2, the anthology of mystery stories from Sisters in Crime–Canada West, a short story with new characters, set in the Mysterious Devices steampunk world.

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About the Book

“…a pitch-perfect bedside anthology.” —Loreth Anne White, bestselling author of The Patient’s Secret

This second anthology from members of the Canada West chapter of Sisters in Crime follows women of a certain age through old crimes and new. Whether they be old women or little girls, women in dirigibles or women on their death beds, women in history or the woman next door, we know them through their experiences and ours.

From real estate agents to house cleaners, school girls to exterminators, you will find a delicious array of women, some with outrage in their hearts—and some with revenge—but all of them dealing with crime in new and imaginative ways.

In Shelley Adina’s “The Air Affair,” Georgia Brunel, Lady Langford, boards the transcontinental airship Juno with her late husband’s aunt, Millicent Brunel. They are looking forward to nothing more dangerous than a painting holiday in the clockwork city of Venice, but trouble soon finds them in the person of Millie’s nemesis from her long-ago schooldays. Old grudges have not been forgotten. Old hurts have not healed. Will an old feud finally be resolved… in murder?

The sixteen short stories in Crime Wave 2: Women of a Certain Age range from lighthearted to heartbreaking, and from romantic to treacherous.

Come. Catch the Crime Wave.

"Crime stories fascinate us. Is it because we are engrossed by the workings of the human psyche? Do we love solving the puzzle? Is it because we can live vicariously through certain danger without leaving the comfort of our couch? No matter why we love them, we are mesmerized by how far these women will go to find justice, exact revenge, or get down and dirty with a hands-on job. Crime is not always what we think it is – there’s always more to the story and that’s what makes this anthology so remarkable. A perfect read for those cool autumn nights when the wind howls, the tree branches scratch against your window pane like fingernails and the raindrops strike the roof, drip-drip-dripping into the shadows of the gutters… so curl up in your favorite blanket and grab a hot cuppa, or something a little stronger, to ease the chills rolling down your spine as you dive into the realm of vengeance, justice and digging up the bones of the past. This book will take you on an exhilarating journey where you will never underestimate any woman of a certain age."
"It’s 1895, and the airship is a comfortable way to travel for Georgia Brunel, aka Lady Langford, and in her delight, she opines how enjoyable it is being a widow, free from the antics of a strict, philandering husband, yet loaded with a title and money. Her traveling companion, her late husband’s aunt Millicent Brunel, quietly agrees. Unfortunately, Millie is disturbed seeing on board an old classmate, Mrs. Caroline Jannis… her nemesis, her torturer. The past is always difficult to confront, but any effort, however cold, cannot be denied. Well-developed karma."
Series: Lady Georgia Brunel Mysteries, Book 0
Genres: Mystery, Steampunk
Publisher: Sisters in Crime–Canada West
Publication Year: October 19, 2022
List Price: 19.95
eBook Price: 4.99
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