Crosses & Losses quilt pattern

From the Amish Quilt series

In each of the Amish Quilt books, you’ll find the quilt instructions for “Sunrise Over Green Fields,” the Crosses & Losses quilt that Amelia, Emma, and Carrie make together. But if your copies aren’t handy at the sewing machine, here they are all in one place. Crosses and Losses Quilt instructions (PDF, 4.2MB, 6 pages).

It’s Not About the Bonnet:
The Appeal of Amish Fiction

By Adina Senft

Since 1997, when Bethany House released Beverly Lewis’s The Shunning, women’s fiction novels set in the Amish world have enjoyed unprecedented popularity in the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) market—and they’re filtering into the ABA (American Booksellers Association) market as well. Amish fiction has become its own subgenre, with separate and often preeminent listings on fiction sites such as Christianbook.com and Family Fiction. In 2009, 10 of the top 25 Christian books were Amish fiction. The Wall Street Journal reports that Lewis has sold 13.5 million copies of her books, and that author Wanda Brunstetter has sold more than five million. Sales reps are demanding more, and publishers are asking themselves, why are these books so popular? Is it really true that all they have to do is “put a bonnet on it” to hit the bestseller list? What attraction can a culture that forbids the use of electricity or cars, that requires strict standards of dress, and that insists on constant submission and obedience as a way of life, have for the modern female reader?

Several attractions, as it turns out—all of them markers of a larger literary tradition that has been drawing people to the countryside of imagination since ancient times: pastoral fiction.

Read the entire article here. (PDF, 6 pages)


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