Mysterious Devices Books 1-3 Box Set

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Mysterious Devices Books 1-3 Box Set

Three steampunk mysteries in one volume!

This box set contains the first three novels in the Mysterious Devices series of clockwork cozies set in the Magnificent Devices world:

  • The Bride Wore Constant White
  • The Dancer Wore Opera Rose
  • The Matchmaker Wore Mars Yellow
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About the Book

In the Wild West, you always find more than you’re looking for…

Daisy Linden is a young woman of gentle upbringing, some talent as a watercolorist, and firm opinions that often get her into trouble. Determined to find her missing father, in the summer of 1895 she sets out for the last place he was seen: the Wild West. It’s a rude shock when her younger sister stows away on the airship—such behavior no doubt the result of her unsuitable friendship with Maggie Polgarth and the Carrick House set.

The search calls for greater courage and ingenuity than their sheltered upbringing has ever demanded, from outwitting a murderer in Georgetown to searching for a lost bride in Santa Fe, to avenging the death of a kind friend in the raucous gold-mining town of Bodie. They find help, loyalty, and even joy in new friends made along the way … but most of all, Daisy and Freddie find themselves to be capable, compassionate, and courageous women. If only they were not always one step behind Papa …


“Daisy [is] a wonderful character—strong, capable, determined, brave and intelligent. It’s one of the gems of this greater world and series that we have all of these women who are so very different from each other yet still have their own strengths.”
Series: Mysterious Devices, Book 7
Genre: Steampunk
Publisher: Moonshell Books, Inc.
Publication Year: February 26, 2020
eBook Price: .99
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