Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman

“On Monday, Farmer Greenstalk dropped his watch down the well … Who will come to the rescue? Would you believe … chickens? Believe it! The amazing chickens on the Greenstalk farm race to help various family members every day of the week … every day until Sunday, that is, when Emily Greenstalk has a little trouble. John Himmelman’s expressive illustrations make the most of each heroic chicken moment.”

I admit it: I adore picture books. The only thing better than a picture book is a picture book about chickens—and this book is probably my all-time favorite.

The story is just crazy enough to appeal to kids (“On Thursday, Ernie the duck drove off with the farmer’s truck. Chickens to the rescue!”) while the watercolors on each page suck you in as you hunt for your favorite chicken. Mine is the one who is asleep in every panel, an egg either under her or close by. Then, in the final panel, she’s awake with a kind of smiling pride in her eye, and next to her is a newly hatched baby chick.

Himmelman has a number of picture books out in the same vein, in which pigs and cows also come to the rescue, but he has some nonfiction nature books too. But Chickens to the Rescue will stay on my A-list of chicken books, because it’s so well done and it makes me laugh every single time.

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  1. Meg MimsMeg Mims

    AWWWWW!!! Don’t you love the subtext in a great pic book?? This sounds adorable. Just perfect for reading to kids, either at school or at home.

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