A Gentleman of Means releases today!

I’m delighted to say that with over 300 preorders, A Gentleman of Means debuted at #9 on the Amazon steampunk bestseller list before it was even released! My grateful thanks to all those who leaped into the breach to get their copy, and to all of you who are planning to get yours today, release day! As I say in my note at the end of every book, you folks really are like the steam in Athena‘s boiler, keeping this whole enterprise in the air. Without you … well, without all of you, I’d still be at Hewlett Packard, and we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation!

Several have already asked me, “Is book eight the last in the series?” Which one might take a number of different ways… hm. Let me rephrase: “Surely this isn’t the last one, is it?” To which I may heartily reply, “Not if you don’t want it to be.”

I think Gloria Meriwether-Astor needs some life experiences to turn her into the woman I know she can be. All I’ve ever known about her future is that in my Glory Prep series of contemporary YA novels set in San Francisco, “Glory Prep” is student shorthand for the Gloria Stanford Fremont Preparatory Academy. Poor Gloria and her penchant for unwieldy surnames. On the bright side, her portrait hangs in the school entry hall and she is wearing a Worth gown. But, one must ask, how did she wind up in San Francisco founding a school? And acquiring that surname? And wearing such a dress?

I’m curious. And you know what happens when that happens …


7 thoughts on “A Gentleman of Means releases today!”

  1. E TaylorE Taylor

    Well I am just chuffed to see that it is ready for download!! Yeah for all of us who get to read it now……and YES Please!!….keep writing.Please!…..There is still more to tell I am sure and I am already looking forward to what you write next!
    Thanks Adina for all this wonderful series!

    • adminadmin

      You’re so kind! It’s you folks who keep me going!

  2. Allison K.Allison K.

    The main thing I’d really like to know is if book 8 finishes the current story arc. That way I know if I can start in on book 5 and have some resolution after book 8! It’s really hard to wait between these so I’ve just been saving them up… 🙂

    • adminadmin

      Yes, it is the conclusion of the story arc that began in book 5 (is that a spoiler??) A new spinoff is brewing for book 9 (!) but it hasn’t taken its shape yet.

      • Allison K.Allison K.

        Yay! I’m excited to start in on book 5 and am happy that there’s still room for a spinoff.

  3. MarjorieMarjorie

    More please! I started the series again so I could have the full series delight before book 8! I loved seeing Claire and Andrew’s relationship develop again from the start and I am anxiously waiting for the next chapter in their lives and the lives of the entire cast of characters. Thank you for giving us new friends and adventures! Now… More please!

    • ShelleyShelley

      Marjorie, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! I’m just getting started on a Christmas novella (the Prince, after all, has reminded us all he wishes to dance again with Claire, which is about to make things socially complicated). And after that, I’ll be following Gloria on her adventures in the Weird West as she attempts to clean up the mess her father has created there …

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