The Professor Wore Prussian Blue

The Professor Wore Prussian Blue

Mysterious Devices Book 6

"It’s hard to believe we’ve come to the end of this wild and twisty Victorianish-steampunky adventure, following along with Freddie and Daisy Linden and their friends as they searched for their missing father, Professor Linden. And while everyone involved deserves a bit of ‘happily ever after’ rest and relaxation, first they’re going to need to deal with just one more hurdle; a ruthless, vile gang of air pirates. After all, this is the Mysterious Devices series—we’ve read five previous books filled with their adventures, and we know how author Shelley Adina loves to keep her characters on their toes.

The star of this installment, as far as I’m concerned, is little Davey. He’s put into a really terrible predicament, and after all is said and done, he comes through with flying colors (see what I did there, those who’ve read it) and gets exactly what he deserves. Prepare to be heart warmed. And for those of you wondering if there’s a chicken: don’t worry, Shelley would *never* let her flock down, now would she?

The story is set in the wild, beautiful country between Port Townsend, Washington State and Victoria, British Columbia. It made this Seattleite now turned Michigander quite homesick. All in all, I heartily recommend the Mysterious Devices series. If it’s new to you, be sure to start at the beginning, as each book builds on the previous. I wonder what sort of adventures Shelley Adina will hatch next?"

—License to Quill

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About the Book

Family. Gold. Both precious. Both all too easy to lose …

Daisy and Frederica Linden, having finally found their beloved father, Professor Rudolph Linden, are on the last leg of the journey they began so long ago. The only thing now in their way is the notorious gang of air pirates who haunt the archipelago between Port Townsend and Victoria. Corporal Kent of the Royal Canadian Airborne Police gallantly offers to escort their conveyance in an official airship, hoping against hope that Freddie will fly with him and give him an answer to a very important question.

But Professor Linden’s sense of propriety dictates that Daisy’s fiancé William Barnicott and their ward Davey Fletcher should become the corporal’s crew. They gravely underestimate the pirates’ abilities and are barely clear of the mainland when they are shot down. It is up to the Lindens to locate the pirate hideout among the islands and mount a rescue. But when Davey goes missing, will they find him in time … or is it the pirates who should fear one intrepid small boy?

Series: Mysterious Devices, Book 6
Genres: Mystery, Steampunk
Tag: Audiobooks
Publisher: Moonshell Books, Inc.
Publication Year: February 23, 2022
ISBN: 9781950854363
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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