Sunbathing in November

Here in California we had an unusually cool summer, but autumn has been lovely. And this week the temperature is in the 70s all week—which is perfect for sunbathing if you’re a chicken.


You see, everyone is molting. When the sun passes the fall equinox, they stop laying eggs and molt their feathers, growing in new ones in time for winter. (This also means there’s no eggs at this time of year. Protein either goes to eggs or feathers, not both.) With big patches of skin exposed and pinfeathers growing in all over, a few of my nine rescue birds are not just uncomfortable, they’re downright chilly.

So when the sun shines and it’s warm, there’s nothing better than to slouch sideways on the deck steps, stretch out a wing, put up the hackles, and sunbathe. Looking at them, I figure all they need are sunglasses and a cool drink 🙂

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