December 4, 1889

Mr. Richard Arundel, Esq.
Arundel & Hollis, Solicitors
46 Temple Lane

Dear Mr. Arundel,

I hope this tube finds you well, and that Mrs. Arundel is likewise in good health. Despite what you may have read in the papers of late, I am also well, and have returned to the cottage in Vauxhall Gardens briefly before spending the festive season at Gwynn Place. Please accept my gratitude for your management of my affairs . . . which brings me to the reason for this letter.

Upon my return I found several tubes from the directors of the Morton Glass Works, a manufactory some distance upriver. It seems they are interested in expanding their concern along the south bank, and Toll Cottage appears to be standing directly in the path of their progress. Their tubes have become increasingly importunate, and this morning I found a representative upon the doorstep who would not leave until he spoke with me. He narrowly escaped a dunking in the river before I was able to calm the boys enough to remind them of their manners.

Would you be so kind as to step in and represent me in this matter? I have no desire to give up what has become my home and a place that represents peace and safety to the children (to say nothing of the chickens and Granny Protheroe). While I am fully cognizant that progress and technology march on apace toward a brave new century, the fact that the glassworks wishes to gobble up property with no concern for its legal inhabitants grates upon me. The young man even went so far as to make a financial offer to my face, which crassness I found offensive in the extreme and which I turned down in no uncertain terms.

Thank you for your discretion and assistance, Mr. Arundel. I know I can trust you to handle this matter with your usual caution and wisdom.

I remain,
Yours very truly,

Claire Trevelyan

P.S.: Have you been able to find a buyer yet for Carrick House? I have heard nothing on this subject from my mother, and with the passing of Lord James Selwyn I am quite naturally concerned as to its fate.

4 thoughts on “December 4, 1889”

  1. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    So glad to see another letter update! Thanks Shelley! These little glimpses of Lady Claire’s world are such nice little surprises to find in my email : ) Especially nice when they come on a day I could really use a quick break from real life for a bit.

  2. Cynthia WashburnCynthia Washburn

    Ooh… I love this. While I’m sad that Claire’s formal adventures have come to an end, I can’t wait for the next book and to see what has befallen the Mopsies.

  3. BobBob

    Just marvelous. A great way to keep us hooked while cleverly hinting at the passage of time.

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