December 16, 1889

Lady, this here come for you this morning. I hope I did right to send it on, seeing as Granny P. said I ought not to bother you with foreign nonsense. All quiet here.


Lady Claire Trevelyan
Toll Cottage
Vauxhall Gardens

Dear Lady Claire,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Bavaria as a first-year student for the term commencing January 6, 1890. You will join a student body whose accomplishments in science, engineering, and aeronautics have been recognized the world over. I look forward to observing what you will add to this body of work during your career here.

I understand that the Landgraf von Zeppelin has taken a personal interest in your education, and that in fact, he is assuming the responsibility for your tuition, room, and board. While this state of affairs is quite singular, particularly given the fact that you are a foreign student, the Landgraf of course may do as it pleases him. I hope your work will prove itself worthy of his interest and his confidence in you.

Kindly complete the enclosed forms and return them to the Bureau of Admissions before Christmas. You will be fitted for uniforms and collect your textbooks on the first day of class.

I look forward to meeting you in person. The Landgraf spoke of you in the warmest terms, but I prefer to make my own assessment of a student once I am in possession of both facts and observations.


Frieda Schmetterling, Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Eng.
Dean of Women
School of Applied Sciences
Universität von Bayern

4 thoughts on “December 16, 1889”

  1. BobBob

    Ooo. I sense a cold and demanding (but perhaps ultimately quite worthwhile and instructive) tritagonist entering stage left to butt heads with Lady Claire…

    • adminadmin

      Your senses are accurate! lol

  2. Eric ForbesEric Forbes

    Wonderful! keep it coming.

  3. Brad HallBrad Hall

    I do hope that we don’t have to wait too long before the next book. Four months seems like such a long time! This is my favorite Steampunk series, and I read several. I have managed to get at least three other people hooked on the adventures of Lady Claire, the Mopsies, and Rosie the chicken…but I think that of the four of us I am the most enthralled.

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