December 27, 1889

Mr. Stephen McTavish
c/o Arundel & Hollis, Solicitors
46 Temple Lane

Dear Mr. McTavish,

I am in receipt of your application for employment here at the Morton Glass Works, for the position of clerk in our development division, which specializes in new inventions to enhance the production of our various glass products.

I am very impressed by your letters of recommendation, from the solicitor through whom you receive correspondence; from the esteemed Mr. Andrew Malvern, with whose reputation all the scientific world is acquainted; and from her ladyship, Claire Trevelyan. I  once spoke on business matters with her late fiancé, Lord James Selwyn, and a finer gentleman one could not hope to meet. If she is as fortunate in her acquaintance with you, Mr. McTavish, then we at Morton Glass Works shall be fortunate indeed.

I am pleased to offer you employment, beginning the day after New Year’s. Please present yourself at the main gate at eight o’clock sharp, where the guard on duty will issue you a pass and you will be escorted to the main building to sign your employment contract.

I wish you a long and successful career with the Morton Glass Works.


Alfred Watson
Managing Director of Staff

3 thoughts on “December 27, 1889”

  1. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    The plot thickens…

  2. davinderdavinder

    Someone’s comeuppance is due. I do not think that crossing the Lady is good for one’s well being….

  3. Brad HallBrad Hall

    Oh, this is going to be good! =)

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