A hiatus in the Lady’s mail service

I just crossed the halfway point in Magnificent Devices #5, A Lady of Resources, and the writing is going amazingly well (knock on wood—don’t want to tempt Fate there). All my creative energy is being poured into that book, such that you may have noticed the Lady’s mail service has been rather spotty this last week or so.

Thus, the Lady’s correspondence is being suspended until this book is finished, at which point I’ll take it up again throughout Claire’s and the Mopsies’ first year at their respective Munich schools. Many questions remain to be answered—

  • Why has Snouts taken a position at the Morton Glass Works—and what does he intend to do there?
  • What is Andrew Malvern up to?
  • Where in the world is Alice Chalmers, to say nothing of Jake and the Stalwart Lass?
  • Will Rosie overcome the palace swans and reign supreme over a flock once more?

Thank you for reading along with me!


5 thoughts on “A hiatus in the Lady’s mail service”

  1. CaroleCarole

    I have really enjoyed waiting for and reading the next letter! This was a wonderful promotional method – keeping readers engaged and potentially attracting new readers to the series. Can I beg you to reconsider? I do understand that the book is primary, and if you have a good flow going you may not want to break concentration. But, if you can at all manage it, please bring the letters back! They made you my favorite author!

    • adminadmin

      I’ll do my best! Thank you so much!

  2. Esther TaylorEsther Taylor

    I just read the first chapter portion you have submitted and it is WONDERFUL!!!
    TY so much and we are very much looking forward to the rest of the story……..it is promising to be a great adventure.
    Anticipating also the rest of the letters – when ever you get them done!
    Just knowing they will arrive at some point is something to really look forward to.

  3. AmyAmy

    It is so delightful that you maintain this blog! I look forward to whatever you have to post: progress updates, Claire’s correspondence, or comments on going to the romance writer’s convention.

    Thanks so much for thinking of us!

  4. Brad HallBrad Hall

    I am rooting for Rosie!!!

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