Emma Jane makes us an offer

Yes, it’s Emma Jane again.  Poor Shelley let me on her blog once and now she can’t be rid of me!

What is the Baskerville Affair?

That’s what many of my characters want to know!  They learn about it bit by bit as the stories unfold, and it will either save the Empire as they know it or crush it to dust.

It has something to do with bad dogs in Dartmoor, but why stop there? We have a prince, automatons, sorcerers, sundry pirates, talking mice, a large mechanical caterpillar, castles, ballrooms and murder. And, yes, Holmes and Watson take their turn upon the stage. What type of stories are these? They are one part mystery, two parts adventure and a wee pinch of romance.

Curious?  Here’s your chance to win a signed copy of A Study in Silks.

How to enter:  Like my author page on Facebook, and I’ll pick a name from everyone who signs up. The contest will stay open until midnight Pacific Standard Time, Guy Fawkes’ Night (November 5).

In the meantime, you can read some free short stories and book excerpts on my web page at http://www.EmmaJaneHolloway.com. And for your entertainment, here is the video:

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