The Sound of Your Voice by Shelley Adina—excerpt

I make the digital versions of my books in PressBooks, which is a handy WordPress-like tool that produces beautiful electronic reads. I’ve just posted an excerpt of The Sound of Your Voice on the PressBooks site—I hope you like it!

The book will be available this month, as soon as I get the final rewrite finished.

And then it’s on to A Lady of Spirit …!

3 thoughts on “The Sound of Your Voice by Shelley Adina—excerpt”

  1. Jasmine HaynesJasmine Haynes

    Congratulations on getting The Sound of Your Voice ready to go so quickly, Shelley!

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  3. julia hardm as n.julia hardm as n.

    Your amazing only dreaming of of doing stories telling like yours and and right now happily making steampunk hats and yours are astounding. Keep coming and I will keep reading them you make want to try my hand to pen and paper . For steampunk is Turkey in my blood now and if I had not broken the ankle I would never have found the air l d I Turkey bel o by thank you for writing.

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