Devices Brightly Shining—Release day!

Devices Brightly Shining by Shelley AdinaRelease day is always an adventure. Did I spell everything right in the listing? Did everything load? Will the server farms go down and black out the East Coast? And most important—will readers like a Christmas novella?

I’m out East at the moment, at the Steampunk UnLimited event in Strasburg, Pennsylvania (come join us!), so I know the blackout didn’t happen. And everything is spelled right. Best of all, readers seem to like my little steampunk sugarplum for 99 cents! There were nearly 900 preorders on Amazon, and it hit #10 on the Amazon steampunk list on day one. And for the first time, I hit the Top 100 in Science Fiction & Fantasy on iBooks, coming in at #43—a most respectable showing!

So not only is it Lady Claire’s birthday—reason enough to indulge in cake for tea, even if it isn’t orange chiffon—but it’s a wonderful release day. And I owe it all to you, the flock. Thank you!

Find your copy for only 99 cents here:


2 thoughts on “Devices Brightly Shining—Release day!”

  1. AuthorAuthor

    Started reading last night. About half through… So far so great!


  2. John ExleyJohn Exley

    Devices Shining Brightly: Magical, delicious development of “our flock”. Please continue… Gloria and Alice will, I’m certain, carry the banner high in their upcoming adventure. Looking forward to the opportunity to share in their journey, along with the other “flock” members.

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