Cover reveal—The Highest Mountain

It’s a happy day when I can unleash something beautiful on the world—such as this glorious cover for The Highest Mountain! Using my photograph of mountains and road from our November trip to Colorado, cover artist Jenny at Seedlings created this beautiful invitation into the world of my book. Look for it at the end of August!

“In the lowly place of prayer, God can lift you up to the highest mountain.”
—Whinburg Township Amish proverb

The Highest Mountain by Adina Senft

6 thoughts on “Cover reveal—The Highest Mountain”

  1. barb rosebarb rose

    Ohhhh! What a lovely creation and, as usual, your reading public can hardly wait.

    Congratulatiions on finding such talent for the creation of your

  2. barb rosebarb rose

    Oops……let’s try again with the spelling lesson, too many fingers trying for the job. “Congratulations”. There! Consider it corrected (LOL)

  3. Linda McGinnisLinda McGinnis

    Gorgeous photo; beautiful cover. Looking forward to reading the book.

  4. Monica SpenceMonica Spence

    Gorgeous cover, Shelley! You must be thrilled that your photo was so perfect.
    All My Best,

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