Out today in audio: The Dancer Wore Opera Rose

The Dancer Wore Opera Rose audiobook
I’m delighted to let you know that The Dancer Wore Opera Rose, book two in my Mysterious Devices series, is out in audiobook today! Once again narrated by Fiona Hardingham, it features Daisy and Freddie in an alt-Santa Fe. Get yours here:

Daisy Linden and her sister Frederica arrive by airship in Santa Fe, capital of the Texican Territories, determined to search for their missing father. But two surprises await them—the authorities’ baffling refusal to help, and a not-so-chance meeting with snake-oil salesman William Barnicott.

To their joy, the Lindens find that their father has indeed been seen in Santa Fe. To their horror, it was an assignation with a cancan dancer. Now the dancer is missing—and their father could be a suspect. Daisy and Freddie must find the girl before the authorities do, for only she can tell them where he might be now. 

But there are forces arrayed against them in Santa Fe … men in the shadows who have bet too much on a dancer’s disappearance to let two young ladies interfere and raise the stakes …

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