More happy news: Two newsletter subscribers win audio CDs!

If you’re a subscriber to my once-in-awhile newsletter, then you know that in celebration of US Thanksgiving—and to show my gratitude for my readers—I offered two subscribers their choice of a box set of the audiobook CDs for either A Lady of Resources or A Lady of Spirit (which features a bonus track of JR Shanty Co. performing “Neptune’s Maid”). If you are not yet a subscriber, then I encourage you to become one here! Who knows what this might lead to?

After tossing the names in a veiled riding hat and vigorously stirring them about, here are the names that Pippa the chicken pulled out:

  • D. Piccurelli
  • Beau Johnson

I will contact you regarding your choice of audiobook and the code for your address’s pneumatic tube. And thank you!

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