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The sweetest song comes from a forgiving heart. —Whinburg Township Amish proverb

The summer Simon Yoder broke her heart was the summer Cora Swarey lost her ability to hear the music in Colorado’s high country. She thought God had brought them together, but when Simon dropped her to pursue an Englisch woman, she wondered how she’d ever trust again. Yes, he came back asking forgiveness, and she gave it because that was what she’d been taught. But she never forgot. It was almost a relief to know she’d never see him again.

Until she is invited to a wedding in Whinburg Township, Pennsylvania.

Cora is the only woman Simon Yoder has ever wanted, but because of his own pride and conceit, she is out of his reach forever. So at his aunt’s wedding, it’s a more than a shock to see his biggest regret walk in with the other young women. God may be giving him another chance, but he’s pretty certain Cora won’t. Words don’t hold much value, so he lays out a plan of action.

He knows that music is the key. Can he help her find the music again? And if he succeeds, how can he show her that she’s the one who makes his heart sing?

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The Sweetest Song by Adina Senft

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