The Amish Cowboy’s Baby

A lonely prodigal, a cowboy rebel, a secret baby. A recipe for disaster … or for unexpected love?

Joshua Miller is the youngest in the Miller family—and the one most likely to break his mother’s heart. The minute he can sneak away, he’s out with his Englisch friends, planning when he’ll jump the fence. It’s all good times and bad choices … until the day he finds a baby at the door with a note saying the child is his.

Sara Fischer once thought the grass was greener on the other side, only to discover that coming back to the church can be harder than leaving it. Now she’s returned to Montana ranch country, where the only job she can find is on the Circle M—as a nanny. She may not be very good with babies, but she knows a hurting man when she sees one—and she responds to Joshua in a way she never has with anyone else.

The Amish way of life is the fence that divides them. But can a baby’s trusting smile be the key that opens their hearts to each other—and to God?

The Montana Millers. They believe in faith, family, and the land. They’ll need all three when love comes to the Circle M!

Released November 24, 2021. Get yours here!

The Amish Cowboy's Baby by Adina Senft
Montana Millers Book 2

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