Mysterious Devices timeline

In a world as large as Magnificent Devices, people and ships and steam trains are on the move in every book. World events can be affected by the smallest choices made by ordinary and extraordinary people. It’s not hard to get mixed up about what happened when … and if you’re me, you discover you ought to have made a timeline long ago so that the date errors staring you in the face might not have happened.


Anyway, in an attempt to wrestle the temporal universe back into order, I created a timeline that begins where Book 12 of the Magnificent Devices series ends and the “manor house” novellas and the Mysterious Devices series begin.

Much to my surprise, the Georgia Brunel mysteries are going to start before any of them! Why? Because in real life, the art exhibition in Venice took place in April of 1895, with the king and queen in attendance. Clearly this provides the best historical stage for my characters to play on. I could leave it until the next year, but why not join in the fun?

So here is my timeline, to try to make sense of it all and make sure characters turn up when they’re supposed to.

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