The Prinnypunk Collaboration

The Emperor's Aeronaut by Shelley Adina and R.E. Scott

It sounds like a spy thriller, doesn’t it? And in some ways, I suppose it is—this new series I’m writing with the delightful and knowledgeable historian and author R.E. (Regina) Scott. Between us, we’ve concocted a new sub-subgenre—Prinnypunk!

“Prinny” is what people called the Prince of Wales, son of mad King George III, whose Regency lasted from 1811 to 1820. In our world, instead of being a corpulent, abusive fool, the prince is affectionately known as the Tinkering Prince, and is a studious and mechanical sort who is grieving the loss of his daughter. Prinnypunk is named in his honor—and for the subversive nature of women makers and engineers working against all odds to create what they believe in. To that end, we have spies and inventors and betrayals and adventure, all set in the Magnificent Devices world of Lady Claire Trevelyan’s great-grandmother, Loveday Penhale.

That’s right, Loveday—the girl next door to the estate at Gwynn Place. The inventor of the articulated sideboard. And the collaborator of Celeste Blanchard, the fictional daughter of Emperor Napoleon’s very real Chief Air Minister, Sophie Blanchard. Our characters collaborate on the very first air ship—made of a used balloon and a cut-up coach. Hey, you have to start somewhere. But what about Regina’s and my collaboration? How did that come about?

“I had discovered Marie Madeleine-Sophie Blanchard while doing research some time ago and dreamed of featuring her or someone like her in a story,” Regina explains. “I mean, the first air force in the world is led by a woman! How could I walk away from that? I love your books and thought this might be the way to bring her achievements to life.” We immediately got to work figuring out how Sophie’s fictional daughter Celeste, a young French aeronaut, might fit into the Devices world. It was soon evident that Celeste and Loveday were destined to be not only best friends, but also partners in an endeavor that just might put their names on the lips of everyone in 1819 England.

Or get them killed. Because Napoleon is not going to allow two young ladies to foil his invasion of England …

We hope you enjoy The Emperor’s Aeronaut, lifting on May 4, 2022!

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  1. Gail EastwoodGail Eastwood

    I can’t say how much I love this idea and can’t wait for this book to release!! Inspired and SO much fun!! I know the two of you will do an awesome job of delivering a fabulous story.

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