Bye-bye, Benny-bird

A recent ad on Craigslist went something like this:

“Ugly Betty, our rescue chick, finally showed its true sexuality…..Now Handsome Benny has a new dilemma. Its new foster parents have decided to split the bedsheets (divorce) and have decided not to bring him home to a hostile environment. Now I’m begging for new foster parents for him. He is a lap rooster who loves to ride on your shoulder and stands way above any pirate’s parrot. Benny has also appeared on many Facebook sites and blogs for the past five weeks….So if you could fit this little guy into your yard and not in your pot, I would be happy to deliver him to you. Note : If you’re going to eat him, please lie to me so that Benny’s mom doesn’t divorce me as well…”

Yes, it’s true. Benny-bird has found a new home. I’m downcast that I have to let him go, but at least his new folks honestly want him and are actively looking for a harem for him.

Bye-bye, I say to the birds when I leave for the day. The chickens all know what that means–Mama is leaving now, but it’s okay, she always comes back.

Bye-bye, Benny-bird …

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