Review: Lady of Devices

“For those who like the melding of Victorian culture with the fantastic fantasy of reality-bending science fiction, this one will be right up their alley. Think: Oliver Twist meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

For more, check out Review: Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina.

How very kind! Thank you, Readers’ Realm!

4 thoughts on “Review: Lady of Devices”

  1. carolcarol

    Just found your books and have discovered treasure! I am looking forward to your third in this series. Magnificent craftmanship.

  2. Shelley AdinaShelley Adina

    Carol, thanks so much! Please consider writing a review on amazon … I’d be so grateful.

    • CarolCarol

      Hi Shelley, left a review on Amazon for you. Hope it helps. The 2 books I’ve read so far are great and I’m looking forward to #3.

      • Shelley AdinaShelley Adina

        Carol, thanks so much! I laughed out loud at the final line 🙂

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