December 19, 1889


Mr. Andrew Malvern
Number 6, Orpington Close

Dear Andrew,

I am on my way—in fact, by the time you receive this tube, I will likely already have moored in the field adjacent to what remains of Toll Cottage. You are quite correct … while it has been a joy to be with my family again, it seems I am needed in Town to, as you say, provide a sense of security to those in my charge.

I cannot convey the depth of my gratitude to you for taking in the children and giving them your protection. I am so thankful they had someone reliable to turn to. Please assure Lewis that his message was received with all gravity, and that, while some learn their lessons the first time through, there are a sad few who resist a civilized education and whose lessons must, one might say, be burned into memory rather than learned by rote.

The Mopsies, Mr. McTavish, and I shall stay aboard Athena for the duration of our visit while I make arrangements for more long-term accommodation. I will not trespass on your hospitality for long—there are plenty of cabins for the other children and Granny Protheroe aboard Athena. However, I must beg your indulgence in the matter of the hens. Would you be so kind as to keep them and the walking coop at the laboratory? If you bring it inside the warehouse at night, they will be safe from thieves and predators, and you are welcome to the eggs.

Yours in haste,


4 thoughts on “December 19, 1889”

  1. Sylvia EthingtonSylvia Ethington

    I do believe she’s planning to teach that fellow a lesson! I can’t wait! 🙂

    • CaroleCarole

      Mmm, yes, “burned into memory” indeed! I’m looking forward to learning more!

  2. KyraKyra

    Don’t mess with the Lady of Devices!

  3. Brad HallBrad Hall

    ‘Ware lightning storms! =)

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