To Do List

(written upon the back of a shipping manifest bearing the Meriwether-Astor crest)


St. Ives pearls and grandmama’s ring
3 gabardine walking skirts (navy, not black)
5 waists (2 lace, 3 plain?)
Shoes, half-boots, stockings
2 walking jackets
1 warm coat
3 hats
2 dinner gowns (if arrive in time from Davina’s modiste)
Traveling papers (ask John about ownership of Athena)
Letter of admission from frightening Dean of Women
Engineering notebook, pencils


2 day costumes
Shoes, boots, stockings
1 coat
1 straw boater, 1 tam o’shanter
2 play skirts
4 cotton blouses
5 pairs bloomers
Hair ribbons
Traveling papers
Letters of admission to Lycée des Jeunes Filles


Decide about Rosie?
Where to house hens until Carrick House ready?
Remind Andrew to see Snouts gets his new suit & shirt before New Year’s
Call upon Mrs. Morven re Carrick House
Call upon Gorse (avoid Julia)
Lunch with Emilie – engagement gift
Cudgel – see Tigg/Lewis

Oh, I must be mad to go so far away!

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