Series redesign is complete

I’m not the type who moves furniture every couple of months just to make a room look different. I figure if I chose the best arrangement the first time, it’s still going to be the best a year later, right? Well, this works with furniture, but with book covers … I like some room to play.

And boy, have I been playing! Or rather, designer Kalen O’Donnell has been, and he has redesigned the Magnificent Devices series covers to include a branded look across all of them. To me, there is something vaguely “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” about it, which fits right in with the steampunk content. I love the Art Nouveau frame, because Lady Claire is a big fan of the “new look” in vogue at the time. (Hey, the devices may be fantasy, but one does not mess with fashion.)

I hope you like the new look, too!

6 thoughts on “Series redesign is complete”

  1. Jackie YauJackie Yau

    Beautiful, Shelley! Really nicely done. Congrats!!

    September 15, 2013
  2. Esther taylorEsther taylor

    Hmmmmmmmmm I had to remember this is Lizzie and get used to the red eye makeup……..
    Looking forward to your new release and also just want to advise anyone who would like a friend to get hooked on these books that Amazon has a special at the moment!…………this gives them time to read and get up to date before the new one comes out. 🙂


    September 18, 2013
  3. julia or in the land of airships lady juliajulia or in the land of airships lady julia

    Looks amazing …I find my self myself wanting to make up a character and write letters to you it’s almost amazing and steampunk is the coolest. It’s a very nice would to fall into I have now read three of your books and steampunk books in person ok paper back books I am even thinking of jumping in and getting steampunk customs can I do a that 53′ I believe if was I was in the 18thcentery I be like leopard you like in the morning or better just hopeless romantic like Kate. As meg Ryan. And do have a spot of in your garden if you have upon my birthday 27 to bad that we can’t meet in time and space like drift. Sineruly one of your begging fans julia

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