MD4 needs a title

I have my laptop, charged and ready to go. I have the month of November, decks cleared and waiting. I have my account at and a cluster of oddly shaped word associations scribbled in my notebook that I’m calling an outline.

Can you hear the engines revving? That’s me, getting ready to write the fourth Magnificent Devices book during National Novel Writing Month.

All I need is a title. 

I know, I know … the more observant among you will have noted that it was supposed to be A Lady of Resources. But I think Claire’s story arc will be wrapped up in this fourth book … and I want the quartet to have the same naming convention. A Lady of Resources stuck there at the end of the row will look a bit odd, don’t you think? Besides, I like the sound of it for book five—and so does Maggie. “Ent no lady,” she says, “but it ‘as a nice ring to it.”

So here are some of the themes in book four:

  • Homecoming
  • Finding that which was lost
  • Achieving dreams—and finding they lead to new horizons
  • Diamond mines
  • New inventions
  • A love triangle (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

Spoilery enough for you? I’ve now spent an entire morning with the thesaurus and have flung it across the room in despair. Here are some titles on the do-not-call list.

  • Homing Devices. Sounds like something you’d get in a guns ‘n’ ammo store.
  • Elegant Devices. Hm. But diamond mines aren’t so elegant, are they?
  • Extraordinary Devices. Won’t fit on the cover. Besides, Art Donovan beat me to it.
  • Infernal Devices. Ditto K.W. Jeter.

If you have a suggestion, do leave it in the comments. And if yours turns out to be The One, I’ll send you a copy of the book!


24 thoughts on “MD4 needs a title”

  1. Valarie PValarie P

    Well, since it is about new inventions, and you want to stick to the “devices” theme, how about “Fashionable Devices”. But, if you’ve already been through the thesaurus, you’ve probably already discarded it.

  2. BobBob

    “Glittering Devices?”

    “Brilliant Devices?”

  3. BobBob

    Dammit, now I can’t stop thinking about possibilities. However, since I assume Lady Claire finally turns 18 in this one, maybe “Woman of Devices?”

    • adminadmin

      These are good–keep them coming!

  4. CameronCameron

    Wayward Devices?

  5. CameronCameron

    Myriad Devices?

  6. JuliaJulia

    I like the ones above.

    How about “Redeeming Devices?” Or maybe “Boundless Devices?”

  7. Abbi HartAbbi Hart

    This is fun! A few I thought of were Triumphant Devices, Cavern of Devices, Redeeming Devices, Veiled Devices, and Fulfilling Devices.
    My sister suggested Hidden Devices.

    • Abbi HartAbbi Hart

      Just remembered another one I wanted to add-Lasting Devices.

  8. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    I’m thinking “Defining Devices” since there are themes of homecoming (a sense of home finally defined for the flock perhaps?), resolutions of different aspects of the story, fulfillment of dreams, and sounds like maybe some serious character development

  9. Ron DoyleRon Doyle

    How about borrowing from the previously planned title and bridging to the next book with “Resourceful Devices”?

  10. Teresa MillerTeresa Miller

    How about Legal Devices or Illegal Devices?

  11. CameronCameron

    Devious devices? Artful devices?

  12. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    Devices are Forever

  13. Rachel RatliffRachel Ratliff

    Devices Denouement. “Denouement” being a conclusion or culmination of events.

  14. adminadmin

    Oh, you guys are good! Now I’ve gone from no title to having so many good ones it’s hard to choose! But somewhere on this list is The One. Thank you so much!

  15. Tyler CoodyTyler Coody

    Mysterious Devices

    Imperial Devices

    Lost Devices

    Shadow Devices

    Illuminating Devices

  16. KimmKimm

    Glorious Devices

    November 15, 2012
  17. Sherry WilliamsSherry Williams

    I like Woman of Devices from Bob.

    I suggest Welcoming Devices, English Devices, The Queen’s Devices, Working Devices, High Devices, Recovered Devices, Restored Devices, Choosing Devices, Notorious Devices, Sharp Devices, Cherished Devices.

    I might have overstayed my welcome!!!!

    November 16, 2012
    • adminadmin

      No indeed! The more the merrier. Now I’m trying them out on the cover.

      November 17, 2012
  18. LloydLloyd

    Perfect Devices

    November 26, 2012
  19. MelissaMelissa

    Well with a love triangle and a sense of place it got me thinking to:
    United Devices,
    Treasured Devices (could pertain to,love, diamonds, her flock) – though maybe Prized would fit on the cover better?,
    Fine Devices,
    Destined Devices
    Awakened devices

    November 28, 2012
  20. MelissaMelissa

    I forgot to add: Fated, Blooming, Rare,
    that’s probably overload enough 🙂

    November 28, 2012

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