Sale! Lady of Devices audiobook is 80% off

Lady of Devices: A steampunk adventure novel by Shelley Adina, narrated by Fiona Hardingham

Ever wanted to hear what Lady Claire sounds like? This morning two people wrote to tell me that Audible has put the audiobook of LADY OF DEVICES on sale as part of their “40 Books That Deserve to be Loved” promotion. (With which sentiment I heartily agree.) At 80% off ($19.95 on sale for $3.95) why not give a new medium a try?

As soon as I heard her audition, I knew that British actress Fiona Hardingham was Lady Claire. And the Mopsies. And Jake and Snouts. And Andrew and … seriously, I don’t know how she does it, but she makes them all come to life with individual voices. She’s amazing.

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4 thoughts on “Sale! Lady of Devices audiobook is 80% off”

  1. Shannon S.Shannon S.

    I purchased the first book during this sale; half way through I searched for and purchased the second book. Next payday I bought the third and just finished it today. I love these novels and the characters so lovingly crafted; thank you for writing this series, it is a true gem. I would love to buy the next three in audio format! When will they be recorded and released for sale? Can’t wait! I’m an avid reader but no longer have the time to sit and read so audio is the key to being able to read on the go. I hope they will be out soon; I’m still running to catch the next airship…

    • adminadmin

      Oh bless you! Book 4 will be available in a couple of months, and then Fiona and I are going to talk over how we’re going to do the next two. But never fear, eventually they’ll all be out on audio! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!

      • Shannon S.Shannon S.

        Wonderful to know the wait won’t be too long! Thanks for your reply :~)

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