Release day: A Lady of Spirit!

Maggie’s book is finally here! Find it on:


A LADY OF SPIRIT – Book 6 in the Magnificent Devices series

A Lady of Spirit by Shelley AdinaUnder normal circumstances, Maggie and Lizzie would be delighted to meet their long-lost relatives and be reunited with those who had believed them dead, but when are the Mopsies’ circumstances ever to be considered normal? With her half-brother Claude Seacombe, Lizzie travels to Cornwall to meet her mother’s parents. Maggie goes along, too, since she is part of the family … or so one might assume. But the more time she spends in her grandparents’ clifftop mansion, the more she realizes that something is not right, and the events surrounding her own mother’s death are more mysterious—and dangerous—than anyone alive suspects.

For an old nemesis is preying on the weak and proud, and no matter how well dressed or well educated a young lady might be, she cannot stand by and watch evil destroy a beloved cousin’s future. Maggie must straighten her spine and plunge into danger for Lizzie’s sake … and prove that no matter the name she bears, she is first and foremost what the Lady of Devices believes her to be … a lady of spirit.

“A daring rescue, women more than capable of rescuing themselves, cunning inventions and a dark, dangerous conspiracy … one of my favourite steampunk series now has nearly infinite scope for continuation and expansion.” —Fangs for the Fantasy

13 thoughts on “Release day: A Lady of Spirit!”

    • Isabel GarciaIsabel Garcia

      Will all of this series be available on audio? I loved the first three!

      • adminadmin

        Thanks, Isabel! Book 4 will be coming out on audio at the end of the summer–we’re going into production shortly. As for the other ones, I’m hoping the answer will be yes. Fiona and I are working on an angle or two 🙂 We’re so glad you’re enjoying them!

  1. Eal LundquistEal Lundquist


  2. ETET

    TY…….got it……know what I am reading tonight!!

    • Esther TaylorEsther Taylor

      What can I say – I just finished it – read it as slowly as possible!!…..and I think it is probably the best ever……LOL
      So good I had to go back and start the series over again!!…….and I am enjoying it so much… to see how far they have come over the years as they have grown and all – it is great fun reading the first one again!

      Thank you so much for this series….truly wonderful!

      Now a question……Could you please let us know what is happening with the “letters/going to be a book” part of the story??????


  3. bobforwardbobforward

    One click and mine for tonight!

  4. Brad HallBrad Hall

    I’m a day late, but it’s mine!

  5. Bryan KroegerBryan Kroeger

    shhh, I’m reading.

  6. Brad HallBrad Hall

    I LOVED this book! I couldn’t put it down. I especially loved the ending. Now my problem is that I can’t wait for the next installment!!!

    • adminadmin

      I’m so glad! The next one will be out in the fall (apologies for making you wait–Alice is very hard to pin down long enough to get a story out of her).

  7. Dave MannDave Mann

    I have now completed all six. Mezmerizing, clever and quite the lesson in “do unto others …” Thank you for your creativity and thoughfulness.

    • adminadmin

      ::blush:: You’re most welcome. Two more to go in this particular series, then we’re going back in time to Claire’s great-grandmother. Regency steampunk–PrinnyPunk–you heard it here first! lol

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