Countdown to release day: Day 9

To count down to the release of Herb of Grace on August 5, 2014, how about I tell you about nine things I learned while writing the book? Here we go!

#9: My backyard is full of medicine cleverly disguised as weeds.

What have I been pulling up all these years? Needless to say, after writing these books, I’m a little more discriminating now.  While I’m outside, rambling around the yard with my flock of rescued chickens, just a quick look around shows me California poppy, feverfew, plantain, rosemary, chickweed, dandelion, and cleavers—all of which can be used in cures.

When the flat was full, Ruth got a piece of paper and drew a grid, with the names of the plants in the squares, and a word or two about what kind of soil and sun each one liked.

“Ruth, I don’t even know where to start.”

“It will come. Begin simply and the rest will grow from there. Folks around these parts favor certain complaints, you’ll find—burns from the stove, cuts from the lawnmower blades, head colds, stress, flu. These plants are the basics. Get them going and they’ll carry you through most problems you’ll run into.”                                                            —Herb of Grace

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