Brilliant Devices: audiobook status

Since put Lady of Devices on sale back in the spring, many, many listeners have been introduced to the Magnificent Devices world. They’ve raced through books two and three, and I’ve had lots of reader mail asking for book four.

Fiona Hardingham and I are just going into production on the audiobook for Brilliant Devices, and we hope to have it completed by summer’s end. Thanks so much for your messages—it’s really encouraging to both of us that the audiobooks are being so well received!


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  1. Jean KnierimJean Knierim

    So glad to learn more of the Brilliant Devices Series is coming on audiobooks. I am having the greatest time listening to Books 1, 2, & 3 while I am finishing up some Quilts of Valor…I think I would finish the quilts quicker if I wouldn’t keep stopping to listen and not sew…giggle. Thank you so much pleasure you writing is bringing.

    • adminadmin

      Jean, I’m so glad you’re having fun listening! I have to admit, I do, too! I’m working on a “Chickens in the Cornfield” quilt right now. Of course, at the rate I’m going, it will be winter and I’ll have to call it “Chickens in the ice rink.” Never mind–a block at a time!

  2. Mark AlbertMark Albert

    Yay! I had thought the Lady of Devices series was a trilogy until I got to the end of book 3 and felt let down by the ending… then of course, I discovered there were more in the series only to be let down again when I couldn’t find the 4th book in audio format. (I”m a truck driver and do almost all my ‘reading’ via audio books). Anyway, I’m once again happy and waiting patiently for the next installment.

    • adminadmin

      Goodness! We can’t have anyone feeling let down! Fiona is going into the studio shortly to begin recording, so production is moving along. Glad you’re with us!

  3. Summer GilgallonSummer Gilgallon

    Hi! Just finished the 1st 3 books on Audible and dying to get Brilliant Devices! Any update on when it will be for sale? Thank you! Love the series!

    September 10, 2014
    • adminadmin

      Summer, thanks so much for letting Fiona and me know! She is partway through the narration now, and I’m following behind her in the proofing stage, so it won’t be long–probably October before all the production is done and it’s released.

      September 10, 2014
  4. BritneyBritney

    I just finished listening to the third book and can’t wait until the last is released on audio book!

    • adminadmin

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! Isn’t Fiona wonderful?

  5. SharonSharon

    Shelley, I love your books. I’m a blind Kindergarten teacher and I read a lot. It’s really enjoyable to sit down and listen to your books. I also think that the reader’s voice truly captures Claire’s spirit as well as all the other characters. I read all 3 in about 2 weeks and can’t wait to read the fourth one. Was the character of Willy based on a real person?

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

    • adminadmin

      Sharon, thank you so much! Book 4, Brilliant Devices, should be released any day now. It’s just in the final stages of production. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them–and I agree with you about Fiona Hardingham’s voice. She is just perfect.

      As for the character of Willie, no, he wasn’t based on a real person, though I do play fast and loose with historical figures such as Count von Zeppelin, who was very much real. I flew in one of his company’s airships not long ago and enjoyed it every bit as much as Claire might have!

      • SharonSharon

        I can hardly wait! Do you go to Science Fiction or gaming conventions? My husband and I go to Origins every year. It would be so cool to get an autographed copy from you there.

        • adminadmin

          I do once in awhile–it would be fun to meet you! My schedule is posted in the Calendar section and does change as the year goes on.

  6. mreedksmreedks

    It’s out! Got it from Audible today. Yippee!!

  7. SnuffySnuffy

    Hello, it’s may of the following year now. I listen to audio books at work, but I’m not able to read them because the eye strain gives me migraines. I see only the first 3 books available on Audible. Can you perhaps tell me where I can find the final two (Brilliant and Magnificent) of the Devices series in audio form?

  8. SnuffySnuffy

    my mistake. I meant Brilliant Devices and A Lady of Resources. Magnificent devices is the 3rd book and it is available.

    • adminadmin

      Hello Snuffy! Brilliant Devices is now out in audio, and Fiona and I have begun production on A Lady of Resources. We plan to do the next four books over the next eight months, so you should start seeing them in September. It’s exciting!

    • SharonSharon

      The 4th book is up on Audible but for some reason it does not show up in the list when you click the series title. Click Shelley’s name and you will find all 4 books.

      • ShelleyShelley

        Hmm. I’ll contact Audible and get them to group book 4 properly within the series. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. SnuffySnuffy

    thank you both for responding. I’m really excited more are coming. I’ve only listened to a little bit of the first book, but I can tell I’m going to adore this series 🙂

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