A public life

For the most part, a writer’s life is spent in solitude at the keyboard, at the desk, with a pad and pen (or in my case, out in the garden with the chickens, typing madly on my trusty Alphasmart Neo). But of necessity, we have to come out of our private spaces into the public eye and talk about our books. Most of the time we can hang out on Facebook or on our blogs, but once in a while events dictate that we get dressed up (what? no yoga pants and T-shirt?) and go public.

Yesterday was one such event: the first-ever Los Gatos Library Literary Fair. Thirty authors on the lawn at city hall, talking about our books and meeting readers. And I got to meet Laurie R. King (the dignified one without the balloons)! :: insert fangirl squee! :: For more pictures, see book enabler Lloyd Russell’s blog, The Book Sage.

LGLLF 2014 - Shelley Adina LF5

This morning, I had the absolute pleasure of recording a podcast for Realm of Books, a science fiction producer, with Fiona Hardingham, who as you know, performs the audiobooks for the Magnificent Devices series. It was so much fun! Who snacks on a green apple before she works? Who was so shy as a child she hid behind the couch and read books instead of talking to people? And who scripted and acted out plays for siblings and neighborhood kids? (Hint: both of us.) The podcast will be up in a couple of weeks and both Fiona and I hope you’ll listen in and enjoy.

Finally, I’m off into the wide world next month. I’ll be going to Italy to speak at the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, along with my writing friends Bella Andre, Tina Folsom, Sharon Hamilton, Linda McGinnis, and Nancy Warren. I don’t think Italy is ready for this! After the conference, we’ll travel north through Siena and Florence, to wind up in Venice, where I’ll be photographing, painting, and doing research for A Lady of Integrity. Jake is in prison there, you know, for running guns, and Alice and the Lady have to figure out how to get him out!


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