Release day: The Longest Road

The Longest Road by Adina Senft

I’m so happy to announce the release of the seventh women’s fiction novel set among the Amish of Whinburg Township! The Longest Road is available at your favorite online retailer in both ebook and print, and I’ve got a large-print edition in production for readers who would prefer that.

The Longest Road follows the Amish Quilt trilogy (books 1–3) and the Healing Grace trilogy (books 4–6) to tell the story of two little Amish girls who vanished from a walnut orchard one day while their big brother was playing with his friends. It was inspired by a similar real-life story, but my writer’s brain went to work and asked, “What if those little girls grew up believing the kidnappers were their parents?”

The result is The Longest Road. The title comes from a local Whinburg Township proverb that Mammi Kate, one of the characters, is fond of quoting: “Forgiveness is the longest road, but it is the shortest distance between two hearts.”

It has been a long road to bring this book to you. Here’s a little book trailer to tell you what it’s about!


4 thoughts on “Release day: The Longest Road”

  1. Marilyn LehmanMarilyn Lehman

    Can hardly wait to read it. Surprised that the girls have so much color in their dresses. Am trying to find the other 2 trilogies in Canada.

  2. Barbara ScottBarbara Scott

    When will the highest mountain b out

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