My new home on the webs!

For some years now, I’ve been scattered all over the Internet. My steampunk self and books were on a very pretty site in one location, my plain self and Amish women’s fiction were at another location, and my romances and young adult novels were somewhere else. The paranormal ones gave it up entirely and vanished into the ether. At one point I had four pseudonyms and was writing in five genres!

Nobody can live that way for long, particularly an author. You’re managing two or more blogs (badly, in my case), posting updates on four sites, and in general dividing your time and energy in too many places. People get confused about who you are today, and where they should go to find out more about your books. Something had to be done.

Enter the wizard named Laird at Memphis McKay, who promises “websites of character.” Let me tell you, I got that and more. So I invite you over to the gorgeous new and which, with three other sites folded in, is now my integrated, permanent home. Browse the books, see what’s coming up next, and if you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, you should! There’s a free Magnificent Devices short story in it for you 🙂

It’s such a relief to be whole and in one place!


4 thoughts on “My new home on the webs!”

  1. Esther TaylorEsther Taylor

    Thanks Adina….
    Lovely as usual!!!


  2. Terrye RobinsTerrye Robins

    Glad to see you’re settling into 1 site. I love Amish literature and don’t want to miss a single thing you write in that genre! Thanks!

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