Funding a PhD part 2

I just spent five hours on the website, which involved filling out three forms, creating three documents, and logging in at least 20 times. And I thought the Copyright Office’s website was bad! At least you don’t have to re-login every time you hit a button. Whoever is doing the programming for the feds, they need to be fired. Good grief.

Anyway. I’m applying for a grant to fund a Literature Fellowship (prose) from the National Endowment for the Arts. Rumor has it they’re going to be disbanded, along with a number of other arts foundations. The whole thing may just be a waste of five hours, but what the heck. Login again and submit another form.

Here’s what was in my application package:

  • Application for Federal Assistance SF424 – Individual
  • Attachments Form
  • Supplementary Information Form (which said all the same things the app for federal assistance said)
  • Manuscript sample of 25 pages, double-spaced, TNR12, attached to the Attachments Form
  • A Cover Sheet for the sample, attached to the Attachments Form
  • Summary of Publications (my published but not indie published work, with proof it was published, attached to the Attachments Form)

Now I wait. The closing date is March 8, and I imagine it will take several months to process. Or considerably more, if they’re using the website.



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