Blogging the PhD: Knowledge exchange

Recently I wrote an article for our local magazine that drew on little-known information I’d found in my research about Holy City, California. I sent a copy to my supervisor, who told me that the university considers this “knowledge exchange,” and he was all in favor of my continuing to do things like this.

At which point I had an idea. Why not turn a series of these articles into blog posts, and make a website whose whole purpose was to share the information I’m discovering? (Because of course you make a website. It’s what we do.) It might only have two readers (my mom and my supervisor), but what the heck. In my dreams, it could turn into the place where people go to find out about this interesting little ghost town, instead of a gazillion places all over the internet.

So here, with three articles so far to its name, is my new research hub for Riker’s Holy City!

Holy City, California in the early 1930s.
Holy City, California in the early 1930s.

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