Magnificent Devices at a glance is one of those fun websites where you can create things that make you look like you do marketing for a living. Graphic design is definitely not one of my skills, but the folks at Canva give me images and templates that satisfy the goofy creative itch that says, “Today you must make a book cover! A postcard! An infographic!”

Actually, infographic is a very dry word for an image that gives you a lot of information at a glance. So here’s one I made to show the Magnificent Devices series and the years in which the stories take place.

No, it was not a waste of 30 minutes. Truly, it wasn’t!

Magnificent Devices Infographic

2 thoughts on “Magnificent Devices at a glance”

  1. Esther TaylorEsther Taylor

    LOVe this
    Definitely am printing this out!!
    E T

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