Brought to you by the word “look”

I’ve been challenged by the students in Seton Hill University’s MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program. The task? The first mention of the word look in our most recent books, along with the paragraph before and after.

From Magnificent Devices:

She hoped.

Her blue hat was not the best accessory for her raiding rig, but it made her look taller and gave her confidence. She collected it off the floor, punched the dents out of it with her fingers, put it on, and sallied forth to the dining saloon as though she had been invited to lunch.

All the food that had been on the sideboard had been commandeered to the family table. Behind a full plate lounged the largest man she had ever seen, with a wild mane of black hair. But it was not his size that made her steps falter.

Next? Samantha Reagor, Jo Crow, Anna La Voie, Jennifer Della Zanna, Stephanie Call Dunn

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  1. SymanthaSymantha

    DONE! This was fun! There needs to be more of these little challenges.

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