Isn’t it lovely?

I haven’t had a Shelley Adina website in a while, mostly because I couldn’t settle on a look … I like changing things around too much (which is why this blog has gone through a couple of iterations in its short life). But as I was thinking about the books I write, I realized that a website shouldn’t just be about that—the books, I mean. Not solely.

A website should be about the world I invite people into. A world that’s beautiful, and subtle, and has more to offer the longer you look into it. Which is what does now, thanks to the magical touch of Maddee James at I invite you to pop over and have a look … to pour a cup of tea, cut a slice of cake, and relax into the ambience of the Belle Epoque, with its stories, its inventions, its beauty … and its endless creativity.

Come and join me in my world.


8 thoughts on “Isn’t it lovely?”

  1. Amy HansenAmy Hansen

    It is indeed lovely! Congratulations on your new website! Counting down the days until Brilliant Devices is released!

  2. Jim C.Jim C.

    Really like the art design and your photo. If ever there was a woman’s steam-punk look (not a lot of tech or rough stuff) you’re got it. I’ve got 2 books read and 2 to go. Potential movie rumours?

    • adminadmin

      Jim, sadly, no. But my agent is ready when they come flooding in! lol

  3. Suzanne MessnerSuzanne Messner

    What’s the tie -in to Seton Hill? And what clock is used in the masthead photo? Is it from the campus there?

    • adminadmin

      I earned my MFA at Seton Hill. But the clock has no connection … I took the picture from behind its face at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris 🙂

      • Suzanne MessnerSuzanne Messner

        I wondered, as My husband and I are from Greensburg area originally with some ties to Seton Hill and St Vincent’s. I have a similar photo I shot from inside the Old Main tower at Penn State.

  4. Story AddictStory Addict

    I love Mucha, so I have to agree. It’s beautiful 🙂

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