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I’m happy to let folks know that Magnificent Devices editions are proliferating like tadpoles in spring! Er, wait. Like pumpkins at Hallowe’en! That’s better. What’s new, you ask? Why, simply these:

  • A Lady of Resources is now available in print, for those who like to see spines on their bookshelves (and goodness knows our girls have no shortage of spine)! Find it on now, and in a week or two on (the airship taking it there is clearly not a Zeppelin, but one of those inferior Meriwether-Astor contraptions).
  • Her Own Devices is out on audiobook, again narrated by the fabulous Fiona Hardingham, whose voices for my characters are wonderfully performed and bring nuances to the story that just can’t be found on the page. Fiona is off filming a movie in London at the moment, but I have my fingers crossed that she’ll be available for Magnificent Devices when she gets back. I can’t wait to hear what our Alice sounds like! Her Own Devices (audiobook) by Shelley Adina, performed by Fiona Hardingham

    Find Her Own Devices on audiobook here:

5 thoughts on “New in print and audio”

  1. Eric ForbesEric Forbes

    Awesome so glad to hear it, buying now!!!

  2. Brad HallBrad Hall

    Contratulations! Oh, and I just loved “A Lady of Resources!”

    • adminadmin

      So glad to hear it, Brad! Maggie’s book to follow in early spring 🙂

  3. Lisa MarieLisa Marie

    I must say, this series has truly been a delight to read, I finished the first 4 in three days & now starting on the 5th installment. I can’t wait!

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