Alice Chalmers, cover girl

We turn our attention now to the socially awkward but fiendishly talented Alice Chalmers, who seems to have got herself into a bit of trouble that just might interfere slightly with Lady Claire’s wedding plans. While I figure out what this entails, noodling away in the back of my mind while I finish the Amish novel and the Kindle Worlds novella that come ahead of A Lady of Integrity in the queue, I have a question for you.

Notice how I turn to you folks for advice? You seem to be a very smart group of people with decided opinions, and that’s more valuable to me than Klondike gold.

Squirrel! The Klondike Gold Rush begins only two years hence in story time! Squirrel!

::smacks head:: Where was I? Right. Alice. I’m getting ready to do the cover for Book 7, which is going to have Alice on it. Which of these two girls looks most like she ought to have the part? Top or bottom?









Bit of a poser, innit?


20 thoughts on “Alice Chalmers, cover girl”

  1. Eal LundquistEal Lundquist

    I like the top one myself. 🙂 hivemind at it’s best

  2. JoyJoy

    Purely based on her face/expression, I would choose the top model. I see a feisty and cleverness to her look. There is a bit of a young Claire Danes in her expression.

  3. KyraKyra


  4. SaraiSarai

    Definitely the top. I see Alice as less of a makeup lady. ^.^

  5. Meg MimsMeg Mims

    TOP!!! i dunno why all that makeup is necessary on the bottom…

  6. bevebeve

    Top – she hides from society with the veil

  7. beaujohnson48beaujohnson48

    The upper image is closer to how I picture her, but the bottom one is more in keeping with the rest of the series covers. waffle waffle waffle

  8. bobforwardbobforward

    For Alice, top one. It’s how I picture her trying to “dress up.”
    The bottom one fits better with the usual series covers, however.

    Oh darn, while I was writing this, beaujohnson48 jumped in and said almost exactly the same thing. Man’s obviously brilliant.

    Really, I could go either way. Can you get an airship into the background of the top one? That would sway me.

    • Shelley AdinaShelley Adina

      Bob and Beau, I am in search of an airship as we speak. Hm. So is Alice. I believe someone may have stolen the Stalwart Lass!

  9. Lisa McManusLisa McManus

    I love both, BUT if I had to choose, I like the top one…:)

  10. bobforwardbobforward

    Just to muddy the waters, a visit to Shutterstock shows the top model has other photos as well, and every last one says “Alice” to me. Not helping, I know.

    At least we can be sure that Phatpuppy will make the final image work for the series, no matter what is ultimately chosen.

  11. TaraTara

    Top. I do agree that the bottom is more in sync with the current covers, but I just don’t see Alice all made up like that.

  12. Brad HallBrad Hall

    Honestly, I don’t see either one as Alice, but if I’m forced to choose I would have to say the top picture. Both ladies are very attractive, but I see Alice as more of a tomboy. Trousers would be more appropriate for her…and goggles!

  13. ETET

    Top picture is more Alice……she was so not into “dressing up”….black clothes would suit her activities and be more practical for her engineering lifestyle…..and the bottom is too baby faced for the experience that girl has gone thru….and I just love the hair!……..I love the Airship idea someone mentioned….it is hard to imagine Alice without her airship!!

    Looking forward to the book!!

  14. yrenaidsipsiwnyrenaidsipsiwn

    Absolutely the top one, again, bottom one goes with the series’s covers thus far, but it’s not always necessary to keep things the same…Alice is a different character deserving of a different cover IMHO 🙂

  15. cricketmastercricketmaster

    I definitely see Alice more as the top one. She’s just not that type of made-up society girl as the bottom.

    • Doris GrayDoris Gray

      I think both are beautiful, but the bottom image seems more in keeping with what I picture Alice as all decked out. She seems to be all out there, doing her own thing, not shy, not afraid to be herself. She’s a steam punk Texican!


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