Blog tour: On Day 2 we visit Perspectives by Nancee

Visit the second stop on the Herb of Grace blog tour for a lovely review. It brought tears to my eyes! Here’s a snippet:

“Descriptive, pictorial and expressive, this Amish novel by Adina Senft is a favorite. The characters … show strength, sensitivity and commitment through their personalities and actions. Family, faith and devotion are very strong features in this beautifully composed story of an Amish woman, her dreams and relationships, and a former Amish man who has returned to his family’s roots. … I will be rereading this book, not only for its strength in plot and character, but for the poetic beauty contained within. I highly recommend Herb of Grace!”

Read the entire review at Perspectives by Nancee.

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  1. Deanna SDeanna S

    Hope this is where we comment. I use vinegar for a natural remedy. So cooling on sunburn. Would love to read this….

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