Three facts about Amish life – and literary heroines

On Day 7 of the Herb of Grace blog tour, be sure to visit “A Fair Substitute for Heaven” for three facts about Amish fashion and language.

Just as an aside, the name of Rachel’s blog is a quote from one of my top three favorite books in the universe: The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. Bet you haven’t read it, eh? Given the fame of the Anne of Green Gables books, her other heroines, like Jane of Lantern Hill, Pat of Silver Bush, and Emily of New Moon, were sort of put in the shade. But Valancy Stirling is exactly the kind of heroine I love, once she gets a bit of a boot in the rear. A little like my heroine Sarah Yoder in Herb of Grace. And a lot like my heroine Claire Trevelyan in the Magnificent Devices steampunk books.

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  1. Jullia HillJullia Hill

    I love Amish Culture and I am too much interested to read this book, I would love to know more about the community. Thanks for informing!

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