On the horizon in 2015

10533754_10154411524010705_4112135061738451509_nI hope everyone survived the holidays and you’re sufficiently recovered from New Year’s Eve revels … I find that nothing closes out the year better than dinner with friends and a rollicking polka, don’t you agree?

As of this writing, and a mere week after release, A Lady of Integrity is sitting at #2 on the Amazon Steampunk best seller list! Thank you all so much–you truly are what keeps this airship afloat, giving me so much encouragement and support that it’s a joy to keep writing. Shall we lay bets on whether it reaches #1?! In other good news, the Magnificent Devices series was among the top three best series of 2014 on the Fangs for the Fantasy blog. The fanchickens and I applaud their excellent taste and we are honored and grateful for the distinction.

As I stand at the viewing port, shading my eyes and looking to the horizon, I see a number of books and events that I’d like to share with you.

  • First off, I’ll be starting work on A Gentleman of Means, book 8 in the series, any moment now. I was going to write a romance, Caught You Listening, before I went back to the Devices world, but here is poor Gloria in peril and Tigg is giving me scandalized looks that I would even consider abandoning her. So I’m going to plunge in and do as he asks, the rascal. I fear that his promotion to lieutenant may have gone to his head.
  • I have some traveling ahead of me in 2015, including signing books at the Steampunk UnLimited event at the Strasburg Rail Road in Pennsylvania in October. I was fortunate enough to meet several wonderful readers at the 2013 event, and hope to meet more of you this year! You can see all my travel and events scheduled so far on the Calendar.
  • I’ll be re-issuing all six of my Glory Prep series, which is contemporary Christian fiction for young teens, this year. They were previously published by Hachette in 2008-2010 and I’m delighted to have the rights back again.
  • And then … I am torn between two courses! In the first, I want to go back in time to the early years of the 1800s, when Lady Claire’s great-grandmother somehow got mixed up in the invention of the steam engine in Cornwall. I know. We expected nothing less. In the second, I want to explore a series of paranormal romantic suspense novels under a pseudonym. I fear I will have to clone myself in order to get all this work done!

In the meanwhile, I wish you and yours a happy and prosperous new year, with fair winds and a resourceful crew!

6 thoughts on “On the horizon in 2015”

  1. Lynn GreenLynn Green

    I wanted to pass along to your audience that I have a Donors Choose project that involves getting the first two books in the Magnificent Devices series for my Steampunk Reading Club. Here is the link to the project:

    If they cannot donate, I would appreciate having them post the link on their individual social media.

  2. LaurieLaurie

    When will the books be made into movies!?!

  3. Barb RoseBarb Rose

    Please do go to the great-grandmother’s era. Now how do you researth that?

    • adminadmin

      Barb, there are lots of resources for that period. And I’ve been to the locations in Cornwall where it will take place, so that’s a plus. The rest … well, it’s steampunk and that gives me lots of leeway. Simply imagining the Prince Regent as a “witty inventor” re-invents the Regency right there!

  4. Esther TaylorEsther Taylor

    Anything to do with Lady Claire is going to be good from my prejudiced viewpoint……….LOL
    so I am looking forward to it already!!


    • adminadmin

      Esther, you always know how to make my day!

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