Realm of Books talks with Shelley and Fiona

Not long ago, through the wonders of technology I transcended the aether and had a delightful conversation with Fiona Hardingham, the actress who voices the Magnificent Devices audiobooks, and RayAnn, our lovely hostess at Realm of Books.

RayAnn has posted the podcast for your listening pleasure here:

Which of us grew up scripting and acting out stories? (Both of us, oddly enough.) Who was the extrovert and who was paralyzed by shyness? How do characters go from page to ear? And what does a green apple have to do with it all?

I hope you’ll stop by and have a listen!

Fiona HardinghamShelley Adina

1 thought on “Realm of Books talks with Shelley and Fiona”

  1. E TaylorE Taylor

    Love the interview..totally fun!
    Thank you for that!
    P.S….Of course more books if you can write them….we will read them!!

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