Happy news

You may remember earlier this year that my screenwriter partner and I did not make the finals in the Macgyver contest. However, we took first place in the “Best Television Concept” category of the New York Screenplay Contest! Here is the lovely certificate we received:


It’s wildly unlikely that the Lady will ever have her own TV series, but it’s fun to think that someone in NYC believes it could be possible!


2 thoughts on “Happy news”

  1. starbookwormstarbookworm

    I want this so much. If they are smart enough they will too.

  2. Brad HallBrad Hall

    I would watch that! Are the TV people watching TV? Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Blindspot, Supernatural, Supergirl…there are lots of fantasy series on TV these days. Why not Steampunk? Why not a strong female lead? It would be like Downtown Abby but with action. =)

    December 11, 2015

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